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The aim of this site is to help fellow birders to locate birds easily and provide a record of what birds you are likely to see in any particular month.The site is divided into the following sections.


Here we give a brief description of the varying habitats in this amazingly diverse area.


This section contains a list of birds we have digiscoped within the boundaries of the photo-map which covers the area of Köyceğiz Lake and the surrounding Dalyan Delta . We hope fellow birders will keep us informed of their own sightings and submit photographs they are willing to share, this way we can build up a picture of the birding expected in the area and help birders locate the birds they want. Some photographs are of nests seen locally,we do not advocate people go out in search of nests; these are just a few that have been stumbled across without seeking them out. There is also sub-sections for targeted birds. This part of the site is to help those birders who may have visited Dalyan and the surrounding area with the hope of seeing particular birds. This will of course vary from person to person and there may be enough information in the rest of the site to meet most needs; however, there are a number of birds that may not be readily seen in other parts of Europe, especially the further north the visitor is coming from or the scope of their previous travels may not have included the eastern extremities of the Western Palearctic.  Here to aid identification and location we will give a general description of the bird, a description of its behaviour, usual sightings characteristics, such as time of day or time of year and a proposed site to increase your chances of locating the bird. After the bird section we give a comprehensive list of birds cited by others and suggested times of the year that they may be present.


Click on the photo-map to get a suggested birding  route in any particular location or click on the drop down menu.The photo-map has been divided into grids mapping out the main areas for bird watching. In this section we describe how to get to locations, suggested walks and trips by car, bus, bike or boat that will take you to the sites we recommend to see the birds. These may be quick half hour walks or full days out. We provide a list of reported sightings from personal experience, books consulted and trip reports from various bird related web sites.

We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

 Brendan Searson, Pete Gelder and John Codling.

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