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Recent sightings in Dalyan

Birds seen or reported at this site

Audouin’s Gull

Barn Swallow

Black Terns

Black-crowned Night Herons

Black-headed Gulls

Collared Doves

Common Buzzard

Common Tern


European Roller

Fan-tailed Warbler

Great Crested Grebes

Great White Egret

Grey Heron

Hooded Crows

House Martin


Lesser Black-backed Gull

Little Bittern

Little Egrets

Little Grebes

Little Ringed Plovers


Marsh Harried


Purple Herons

Red-Crested Pochard

Reed Warbler

Short Toed Eagle

Spotted Eagle

Squacco Heron

Whiskered Tern

White Storks

White Winged Black Tern

Beach Boat End

There are two ways of getting to the beach from Dalyan. The first is by bus, which leaves regularly from the centre of town. A return trip will cost  10 Lira return (2014) , and takes roughly 30 mins. The other way is to catch a boat from the river side, at 45 minutes each way the trip is slightly longer. The boat is a little more expensive and for a return trip current price 10 Lira return in 2011,  The public boats to the beach run every half an hour and return on the hour. If you take the boat you will not be able to catch a return any earlier than 1.00 P.M. The return boats  run hourly from with the last one leaving at 6.00 P.M.

The River Dalyan path to the beach passes the Lycian Rock Tombs pictured below before heading into the reed lined canals backed by the reed beds that make up the labyrinth that is the Dalyan Delta and further on down passes  through some wooden structures (fish dams, ‘the dalyans’ that give the village its name)which restricts the passage of carp and mullet. The beach separates the delta from sea, so you can swim in both fresh and seawater

Often in the tourist season both the lake and the river and reed beds towards the beach can seem strangely devoid of bird life despite such idyllic habitat, This is partly due to the season (migration and heat) and partly due to the amount of boat traffic going up and down the river bringing not only tourist from Dalyan, but from as far a field as Marmaris and Fethiye which only serves to disturb bird life,  can still get good views when they present themselves.

Getting the public boat along the Dalyan River to the beach and corporation boats to the lake on non-birding trips have produced at times Little  Heron ,Marsh Harrier,  example, so it is not always a disappointing experience.

The other option is to hire a boat privately. Although much more expensive than the ‘boat taxi’ you have the option to take routes away from the flotilla  of boats making their way to the beach and boats coming up the river heading for the mud baths and the lake. One trip we do privately is ‘fishing and crabbing’ This a great trip for birdwatching and keeping the rest of the family happy too. Although there is no actual ‘fishing’ there is great fun catching crabs, with the option of eating these cooked fresh later in the day if you decide.

We would recommend Rhui Üreyen (mob 05422330465)  who’s boat is called Iyan  and is moored to the  right of the mosque (if facing the river) where the river quay turns to go up towards the lake opposite the ‘TinTin’ bar. A typical trip would start at 10 AM  taking the boat to Ala Göl here we would have a swim experiencing the unusual waters here that are warmer the deeper you go. Herons have been seen roosting in the trees here , the bird in the photo below  is often on the shore at Ala Göl and we have still  to properly ID it (any suggestions?) raptors often  thermal the hills above.

After this  Rhui follows  a shallow river tributary along the edge of the mountain and moors against reed beds near some shallow lagoons close to the beach but far enough away to avoid disturbance from the beach. Below reed beds near Ala Göl looking towards the beach. photographed from the roof of the boat.

Here you will spend some time crabbing or bird watching. Rhui’s boat has a flat roof and this is a perfect platform to set up a scope and bird the reed beds and shore line. Little Egret congregate in the shallows along the shoe line, Purple Heron relocate to this area from time to time, always have a look out for raptors above. From here Rhui takes you to the river side of the beach and stops off on the way to try and give you a view of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle which waits for scraps from the fishermen cleaning crabs ready for sale. We never expected to catch a turtle doing this , but were lucky once when a turtle was interested in our fish bate for the crabs (the fish bate is tied on, in this instance!) we got excellent views see picture below, also Gulls are attracted to this area and we have good views of the scarce  Audouin gull.

From here we make our way towards Sulungur Lake on the river side of the beach, about a quarter of the way along the beach the boat is moored again this time on the beach itself near reed banks where we again start crabbing or bird watching, on the sand along the river bank Little Ring Plovers and Plovers are occasionally seen. Once moored  Rhui prepares a BBQ dinner of  or  meatballs (kofta) which ever you have ordered for your lunch, these are served with rice, salad and bread. There is a freezer on board so cold drinks are also available all  fact the boat is fully equipped with tables and chairs and toilet.  We often go onto the beach and take the sort walk to the sea for a swim, returning to the boat for a swim in the river.

When we have spent some time here the boat heads for the small and secluded beach away from the main beach on the other side of the river where it enters the sea, it is a pleasant walk and again offers the chance for a cooling dip.

We return to Ala Göl in the late afternoon and then slowly make our way up the river back to Dalyan returning at around 5.30 PM The cost of the day is negotiable but is very reasonable and don’t forget the cost is for the boat.

You can of course just hire the boat for bird watching and negotiate a start time with Rhui, the advantage of a private trip is that you can decide to go wherever you want and not follow a strict route and timetable.

Looking back towards Dalyan from the river side of the beach.