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The above Short Toed Eagle  was photographed on the Eskiköy walk and serves to remind us the enjoyment we get from  those brief encounters with birds in their natural habitat. We hope fellow birders will keep us informed of their own sightings and submit photographs they are willing to share, this way we can build up a picture of the birding expected in the area and help fellow birders locate the birds they want.  

The seasonal list is not complete and we will rely on others contributing to its upkeep by using the form below. In the future we will make monthly list of reported sightings. Inevitably the site may contain errors despite repeated proof reading.if you spot one please inform us and we will correct the error.

While most of the recommended routes should pose no problems for most people some considerations should be made.

The sun is extremely powerful, use sun screen and take water.

Let others know of your  return time and proposed route,  phones may not have a reception in some areas.Take a first aid kit which should include insect repellent and a treatment for stings. Darkness falls quickly in Turkey, check with the locals especially if you go quite a way from villages or towns.