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Iztuzu Road and Dolmus End of Beach

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Alpine Swift

Barn Swallow


Black-headed Gulls

Cetti's Warbler


Collared Doves

Common Buzzard

Common Sandpiper


Crested Lark

Eleonora’s Falcons

European Roller

Fan-tailed Warbler

Golden Plover


Great Tit

Great White Egret

Greater Flamingo

Green Sandpiper


Grey Heron

Hooded Crow

House Martin

Kentish Plover


Krupper’s Nuthatch

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Whitethroat

Little Egrets

Little Ringed Plover

Long Legged Buzzard


Marsh Harried

Middle Spotted Woodpecker

Moor Hen

Pied Kingfisher


Reed Warbler


Rufus Bush Robin


Sombre Tit

Sparrow Hawk

Spotted Flycatcher

Squacco Heron


Syrian Woodpecker

Tree Pipit


White Storks

Wood Sandpiper

Wood Warbler

Woodchat Shrike

This page covers the route to Iztuzu Beach by road to the dolmus end of the beach. There are a lot of relatively easy walks around Dalyan, the longest one is to Iztuzu Beach via the mountain road - very scenic and productive for birds but a very long hot slog, you can also cycle or indeed take the dolmus. The dolmus service is very efficient and easy and you can stop to get off at any point to the beach just asking the driver and later flag the dolmus down, to return to Dalyan, there are set points but it will stop if flagged down.It takes 25 minutes or so to travel the 12 km's to Iztuzu beach by road. Minibuses leave from near the centre of Dalyan just along the road to the right of the Turtle Statue near the Is bank in the centre of Dalyan. They depart  every half-hour from 9:30 with last return service leaving the beach at 18:30.

Current price 2014,  8 Lira return

The way is picturesque and clearly signposted from the centre of Dalyan. Profusely flowering Oleander bushes and gnarled trees deformed by the harsh winter winds line the route, which meanders around  Sülüngür Lake before ascending to offer glorious views over the delta.

The initial journey takes you through cultivated fields to the right and left once you have left the residential area lining the Iztuzu road. After about 4 km's you will pass the ‘Micro Lite’ airfield on your left and a short distance further on your right is the Golbashi restaurant pictured below which does excellent Turkish breakfast . Here you can take a free ‘pedello’ which you can explore the canals that lead to the Dalyan River. It is a relaxing way to see the birds and often reveals birds at close quarters.

About 5 km’s out of town you come to an area of marshy fields on your right . As the road circumnavigates Sulungur Lake there is an interesting looking glade to your left before the road starts to rise the up the mountain towards the radar , this area looks to be a good birding spot and is one we will investigate in the future. After climbing the hill the road makes its way down to Iztuzu Beach  offering good views of the beach and the delta towards Dalyan.

The picture above is Iztuzu beach photographed from the top of the hill accessed from the beach , situated at the Dolmus end of the beach.You can walk the four kilometer length of the beach to the boat transfer back to Dalyan at the other end. The beach is fairly narrow so you can easily meander from the river side of the beach to the sea side of the beach as you stroll along. The boat trip back to Dalyan will take you through the reed beds, and give you good views of the famous rock tombs  on your left nearing Dalyan.

Above the beach looking towards the west end of the beach. Birding at the Dolmus end of the beach features Izutuzu Lake photographed above, and the pine woods that surround it. There is a pleasant and easy walk through the woods and picnic  areas. Once past the picnic areas the path slowly disappears and you will be following the goat tracks. The ascent  to the top of the hill, offering great views of  Sülüngür Lake and the reed beds leading back to Dalyan, can be made by veering left at the end of the path, it will take about an hour with time for rests on the way up. Care needs to be taken as footing under the fallen pine needles can be loose and the there is a small amount of relatively easy rock climbing at the top of the hill, again care needs to be taken, though it is not unduly difficult if you decide to go up.

Form the top of the hill at the Dolmus end of the beach  looking over Sulungur Lake towards Dalyan across the reed delta.