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Leave Dalyan on Ataturk Bulvari  road and head towards the round about. At the round about, the left turn takes you towards  the Jardarma and the football satdia and the right turn taking you towards  and Dalaman.  Go straight on towards Eskiköy

Head along this  your left, near the top of the hill and to the right , there is a white square concrete building (pump house providing water from  the lake, see picture below) which is where you are heading for.

You will pass over a dyke (bump in the road over stream) with tracks before and after the rise in  the road, go straight on and take your next track to the left after the fourth telegraph post . There is a new build (2010) about half way down the track on the right.

Picture above is track after dyke and first telegraph pole, turn left down track after fourth telegraph pole. Go along this track. The fields on the left of the track provide pomegranate  orchards and the fields on the right open meadows. See picture below  Turtle Doves can be seen in the trees in the background.

Spend some time along this track (trees half way down provide shade in summer months) this is a good area for Woodchat and Red Backed Shrike  At the end of the track there some (new 2008) houses to the left, take the track to the right up the side of the hill towards the pump house. At the top of the track and behind the pump house offers good views of the Lake and surrounding area (see picture below). In the tree tops near the buildings at the base of the hill Golden Orioles and Bee Eaters have been seen flocking over, later summer/autumn.

When you have spent the time you want here, make your way back to the road to Eskiköy returning to Dalyan.


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Recent sightings in Dalyan

Birds seen or reported at this site

Alpine Swift

Barn Swallow




Collared Doves

Common Redstart

Crested Lark

Gold Finch

Great Tit


Hooded Crows

House Martin

Lesser Whitethroat

Little Owl

Red-backed Shrike

Scops Owl

Short-toed Eagle





White Storks

Woodchat Shrike

White Water Pump House