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Çővenli Yaylasi

Çővenli Yaylasi is a small flat farming hamlet on a plateau high up in the mountain behind Köycegiz and provides some easy walking despite its lofty position. It is about an hour’s drive from Dalyan. Access during winter may be a little tricky as snow fall can block the roads at times, but from March onwards it should be fine.

Planning your trip is important, there are no shops of any kind at Çővenli Yaylasi so you will need to stock up with supplies before you go, especially water if you are going in the summer months. Bear in mind though it is only an hour’s drive from Dalyan and less to Köycegiz  , so you may decide  to go for a few hours birding there and then make you way back down to more populated areas . Personally I like to spend the whole day there so I don’t feel rushed.


Leaving Dalyan on Ataturk Bulvari road and head towards the roundabout. At the roundabout, the left turn takes you towards the Jandarma and the football satdia and the right turn taking towards Ortaca and Dalaman. Go straight on towards Eskiköy.

Follow this road and go through Eskiköy You will pass the sign signalling the end of Eskiköy village and come to a cross road (see picture)

turn left here and follow the road all the way to its end  passing through the areas of Tepearasi and Kavakarasi, until you reach the D400 Dalaman and Marmaris route . This road should now be a busy dual carriageway type road, turn left here. After about 600 meters turn right into the first proper road heading towards Beyobasi (see picture of sign)

On your right there should be a Gulf petrol station and a small market shop called ‘Acetler’

follow this road. Pass through Beyobasi on a narrow road with a couple of ‘sleeping policeman’ traffic calming humps (there are a few shops and a big Mosque on the right), keep going straight on here. Pass the signs for Yuvarlakcay restaurant and follow the road round and take the road to the right and not to the left. Keep on this road and you will come to a sign ‘Billa Sarinci- Bazburun’ via to the left here (sort of straight on) and not to the right and follow this road up the hill and come to a sign for ‘Alan and Sazak’ go straight on here and not veering to the right.

You will arrive at Alan a small plateaux village up the mountain which may be worth a stop for birding. (There is a small white electric company building ‘Aydem’ to let you know you have arrived here) to get to Çővenli Yaylasi pass through Alan following the road which turns to your left taking you further up the hill and giving nice panoramic views of Alan . After a short while you will come to a cross road with one road to the right going to Otmanlar take the road to the left (see photo).

Now follow this road and after further ascent the road will start to descend and the plateau of Çővenli  Yaylasi (pictured) will be ahead, follow the road into the valley, you can park up shortly after the water fountain (pictured)

Planning Your Day.

I usually set off at 6 am (summer time) and collect  ice and refreshments from  the petrol station next to the Sevikoglu Supermarket which is open 24hours a day. (There are two petrol stations on Ataturk Bulvari road it’s the furthest one from the turtle statue)

Be prepared  is a good idea. I have found the following useful. Firstly apply insect repellant before you set off, mosquitoes are still active at this hour, also when out in the fields, woods and other undergrowth there are plenty of other insects that need deterring, take a small bottle of Sin kov (local insect repellant) for times of paranoia and to deter flies as and when necessary. Secondly, take a small hand towel, this is the best birding advice I have ever been given and is useful in which ever country you may be birding in, it has it’s obvious uses for drying yourself or mopping away sweat, acts as a cushion if you need to sit on an uncomfortable surface while you watch and can act as a support of scopes or camera lens (a little like a bean bag) and many more uses. Take a small first aid kit including something for stings. Last but not least, Mobile signals are not reliable up in the mountains, let people know where you are going and your expected return time.

Birds seen or reported at this site

Spotted Fly Catcher

Bee Eater

Ictrine Warbler

Gt Spotted Woodpecker

Blackeared Wheatear


Kruppers Nuthatch

Finsch’s Wheatear

Red Rumped Swallow

Red Backed Shrike

Coal Tit

Isabeline Wheatear


Alpine Swift



House Martin

Collard Dove

Olivaceous Warbler

Great Tit

Short Toed Eagle

Pied Wagtail

Masked Shrike

Black Stork


Rock Nuthatch


Green Finch



Lesser Whitethroat


Turtle Dove

Sparrow Hawk


Blue Tit

Sombre Tit

Mistle thrush

Long Tailed Tit