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Rüppells Warbler

A migratory warbler, should start arriving in Dalyan from March onwards and departing between August and September, my sighting was as late as 16th of September 2011, with entire population moving south to winter in Chad and Sudan.

The Rüppells Warbler is fairly large long-tailed scrub warbler it’s under parts are is greyish in all plumage particularly the rump ,wings are slightly darker ,eye ring reddish in colour . The adult male is unmistakable with black hood and throat divided by striking white moustachial stripe. The female is similar but forehead and throat usually mottled black and moustache less clear cut.

Territorial male is fond of sitting openly on elevated perches, as can be seen from Ray Barker’s photo here.

My sightings though have been birds flying from within bushes to a new location and been able to get a view by tracking them to their new perch before they sulk off into the undergrowth.

To locate the bird around Dalyan sightings have centred around the Okçular walks and the Kocadere Valley . From the roundabout near the Jardarma take the road towards Ortaca after about two miles on the right hand side of the road you will see a sign for Lycia Homes. Follow this track to the end and then take the left hand track. Follow this around the base of the hill (the hill will be to your right) and you will pass the Lycia Homes on the left. Keep following the track and you will pass another two villas and then an old cow shed on the left hand side. Approx 25 meters past this look to the right and you will see the cliff face where the rollers nest. See map 1 below

To locate the Kocadere Valley keep going on this track after a few minutes the track veers to the left and there is a fork to the right which goes into the Kocadere Valley.

See map 2 This is a pleasant valley , it is small and enclosed, you can follow the track until it slowly peters out into rocky dried up stream bed. Unless you are prepared and have Alan Fenn’s directions  I would recommend you retrace your tracks back to the entrance of the valley. Once here you can make your way back the way you came to Dalyan or continue on this pleasant walk taking the track to the right. This track will slowly take you back to the main road outside the Leyley restaurant.  


Photo by Denioguz

Photo by Denioguz

Photo by Ray Barker

Taken around Dalyan

Clip from www.planetofbirds.com