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White Breasted Kingfisher

Twice the size of Kingfisher. The White Breasted Kingfisher has a massive red bill, dark chestnut head and underbody, mainly blue back, wings, and tail, strikingly relieved by white throat and central breast. Behaviour typical of family, with bird alternating periods of secretive perching and energetic hunting; most conspicuous in breeding season, often calling from open perch. Breeding territory typically includes habitual sentinel perch near nest. Most active dawn and dusk, with distinct midday lull according to the ‘Birds of the Western Palearctic  Described as sluggish and wary; in alarm, retires to protection of foliage rather than taking direct flight . Although the bird has been seen near the shores of Köycegiz in or near the reedbeds to the west of the town, main reports (which are few in number) come from the area of Hamit Köy   Although we are informing fellow birders where the best chances to locate the birds are we trust people will show sensitivity to the bird and vacate the vicinity if the bird appears disturbed or distressed.


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Clip by chennaiNature

Image by J.M.Garg


Image by  J.M.Garg